The Malta Classics Association has a new website!

The MCA is pleased to announce we have a brand new website. If you would like to visit the homepage, then click the blue button below.

How has the website been improved?

You will be pleased to know that this website hosts a range of new features which will assist us in our mission to promote the Classics:

  • A completely re-furbished blog area. (In fact, this is a new blog post you are currently looking at!)
    These blog posts will allow us to provide you with regular and completely free Classic-related content on a weekly basis. These entries will be both enjoyable and informational to read. Hopefully, they might even inspire some Classical-related discussion in the community. It is therefore pivotal that they have been made easy to share through social media platforms, such as Facebook.
  • An events calendar, so you never have to miss another MCA event again! This can be found by clicking the button on the homepage, titled: ‘UPCOMING EVENTS’. Alternatively, you can follow this link here: Click here. We will be hosting a range of events over the coming months, and you can find out a lot more information about them, simply by clicking on the individual dates in the calendar boxes. This has been designed for everyone’s convenience, so no longer will you have to rely on emails to stay informed about what is taking place! As a final point of clarification, the MCA Events Calendar will NOT replace current email notifications. It will simply supplement it by having information in a single place you can easily refer to.
  • We have written thousands of words of high quality text for the various pages of this website, including clearly listing all of our services in their own individual pages, so you can quickly find out the correct information regarding what you seek.
  • The new MCA Website has been clearly re-branded with a strong approach to professional-looking design, which the public can instantly recognise and respect. The Association has been growing rapidly since it formed in 2010, our new branding should better reflect the increasingly important direction we are taking in the community.

How will the website continue to be improved?

  • The website will no longer feel static. We will updating it frequently with brand new information regarding our work and research. Our community is enthusiastic and constantly busy, and this will be felt in our revamped online presence.
  • The MCA has published a range of books and various journals which we often sell to raise funds for our cause. In the coming months, we hope to add an online book store which will allow the Maltese and International community to browse all of our works in one place, and purchase them directly from us.
  • We are looking at increasing our sponsorship and partnerships with various related associations, therefore we will have a new section dedicated to this later down the line. This should allow us to accelerate our growth by teaming up with like-minded groups and sharing our resources for the greater good of the Classics.
  • Currently, our membership management is done offline. This is why forms have to be downloaded, filled out and posted to us. Soon, we will start looking at solutions to make membership a digital entity, where members will be able to access everything MCA related, straight from their computers, including the application and renewal process! This directly ties into the idea of making Classics more accessible, we want to promote a modern audience, so we are taking a modern approach to our organisation methods.
  • Lastly, on the homepage, we currently have a video titled “Why Study Classics?”
    We are not the owners of this video, and do not pretend to be. The department of Classics and Archaeology at the University of Malta are currently in the process of having their own professional-promotional video created. We will be using this to better show the public all about the achievements of the Classics in Malta. We are very excited about this and should have it up soon. This will be reflected in its own blog post, and the video will feature members of the MCA!

Accreditation for the new website

The Website has been designed and built by myself, Jason Baldacchino, Archive & Digital Officer on the executive board. I am an undergraduate of Classics at the University of Malta. I would like to give special mention to Samuel Azzopardi for assisting with the vast majority of the content. Sam is currently in Edinburgh on a Erasmus exchange, and he is also an Undergraduate of Classics at UoM. Stacey Mercieca should also receive praise for being the driving force behind all the new activity on our Facebook page, and for agreeing to oversee the new blog area on this website.

I want to highly praise Jessica Farrugia for her work regarding the Literacy Through Latin pilot scheme which she has successfully set up in Malta. Although not necessarily website related, it does go hand and hand with, and is synoptic to our new direction. Her tireless effort will allow many of the Undergraduates of Classics to gain valuable experience working in the field.

A huge thank you to any others involved who have not been mentioned!