The generous work of many volunteers, institutions and organisations around the world provide access to many and valuable for budding and veteran Classicists alike. The below is a small selection of resources that can be freely accessed online.

Ad Familiares (E-Journal) is the online journal of Classics For All, edited by Dr John Godwin.

Corpus Scriptorum Latinum is an online database containing links to various online editions of works by hundreds of classical authors. Where available, the website links to online editions in the original and in translation. This database has been compiled and is maintained by Prof. David Camden.

Kentro is the annual newsletter of the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete. Each instalment includes information about ongoing and concluded archaeological excavations as well as about conferences and grants related to Classical archaeology, among other elements.

The Latin Library is an online database containing texts by various classical authors in addition to additional and accompanying resources generated by Prof. William L. Carey.

Lingua Latina Legenda is a collaborative effort to develop a new approach to teaching Latin aimed at engaging students with authentic unaltered texts as early as possible. LLB analyze rigorously curated digital text corpora to design introductory course material following principles and best practices taken from contemporary research in pedagogy and linguistics. Presently, the website contains resources for a brief introductory course using the Fabulae attributed to Hyginus.

The Perseids Project aims to support access to scholarship in Classics for students and members of the public at all levels of competence. It provide a suite of tools that foster language acquisition, facilitate working with documents, and encourage research. The Perseids Project is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Pons Aelius (E-Journal) is a bi-annual e-journal designed to be a platform for postgraduate students and early career researchers to present their research to a new, wider audience. It seeks to include work related to all areas and periods of history and archaeological study. Pons Aelius is a journal affiliated with the Postgraduate Forum, a society attached to the Newcastle University’s School of History, Classics and Archaeology.

Res Antiquitatis (E-Journal) is is the most recent editorial project of the Centre for Overseas History, with the aim of becoming a space for reflexion and debate on Antiquity. The study and investigation of several Antiquities, from the Pre-Classical and Near Eastern to the Classic Antiquity, are the main motivation of this project, both for its intrinsic scientific interest and the conviction that such investigation may become, on the whole, a useful conceptual reflexion for the study of other periods and historical questions.

Sapere is a series of editions of late antique (1st to 4th c. AD) texts on a variety of topics published for free access by the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Lower Saxony. These original texts are generally accompanied by commentaries and essays. Most of the publications are in German with some English editions already available.

Do you know of any free-access resources that are not mentioned here? Help us expand our list by letting us know via [email protected]. Thank you on behalf of all those who will be able to make use of these resources.