Dr Carmel Serracino traces his love for the Classics to a particular childhood evening when his father took him to watch a reissue of Steve Reeves’ Hercules at the Rialto Cinema in Bormla. The next morning found him playing a mythic battle using his Cowboy and Indian plastic toy soldiers. Ancient Greece and Rome continued to be a wellspring of imagination for game and play for the rest of his boyhood, and even into early youth. In many ways, embarking on the serious study of Classics at the University of Malta was for him an attempt to defy adulthood and prolong childhood, his acceptance of a Peter Pan syndrome. Not that he has ever regretted it. Even when, many years later, Classics became his full-time job at the same University, he still viewed the subject as an opportunity for play and creativity. And he still does, often with the help of his Classics students.