The Malta Classics Association is currently looking for recruits to its Lecture Series (March to July 2024) Organising Team. Chosen applicants will be receive complimentary Student, Full or International Membership of the MCA for the year 2024.

Members of the Lecture Series (March to July 2024) Organising Team will be expected to meet for one online meeting in the first or second week of February with the Chairperson of the Team, who will be a member of the MCA Executive Committee for 2024 to go over submissions for the lecture series and decide on a lecture schedule. They will also be expected to attend at least one of the online lectures organised as part of the series.

Those interested in becoming members of this team are asked to fill in and forward the following form to the MCA on [email protected] by now later than Sunday 31 December.

These online lectures are expected to take place at 7:30pm CET on the following dates:
– Tuesday 12 March
– Tuesday 9 April
– Tuesday 14 May
– Tuesday 11 June
– Tuesday 9 July

Expression of Interest – 2024 Online Lecture Series Team