The Malta Classics Association is an NGO with the goal of promoting the Classics in Malta. To meet this goal, the MCA is creating exciting initiatives throughout the country, which place an emphasis on adding Classics to the education curriculum. We are a forward-thinking community that wants to bring a field of study typically seen as dated, into the modern world, by making it accessible and enjoyable for all.

Literacy Through Latin

We are very pleased to announce our latest initiative which is titled, ‘Literacy Through Latin’. This pilot-scheme seeks to emulate the achievements of a UK-based charity founded by Lorna Robinson known as the IRIS Project. The IRIS Project helps children in lower socioeconomic backgrounds develop key language skills and grammar, by teaching them Latin, the language which provided the building blocks of all the European romance languages we know and speak today. The teaching will be delivered by enthusiastic Classics Undergraduates from the University of Malta who are highly proficient in the Latin language and in the history and culture of our Roman predecessors. The classes are both fun and educational for the children. If you are interested in this project, please click the button below to discover more.