The Malta Classics Association is a voluntary organisation that relies financially on the membership fees of its like-minded members and the donations of its generous benefactors. All membership and course fees, donations and funds raised through the MCA’s occasional fund raising activities are reinvested in the many public lectures that the MCA organises for free throughout the year, the publication of the Melita Classica and other books, and other initiatives organised to further and encourage the study of Classics in Malta. If, like us, you believe that the study of the Classics is still valid and valuable today, then join the Malta Classics Association today and help us achieve our aims.

All members of the Malta Classics Association are also encouraged to take an active role in the fight to preserve the study of Classics in Malta and to raise awareness of the benefits of such a study by standing for election to the MCA’s Executive Committee or by joining one of the many Subcommittees dedicated to particular projects or aspects of our work.

Regular memberships cost €15 and are to be renewed at the start of each calendar year. Students can apply for the discounted Student Membership at €5 per year.

All paid members of the Association are entitled to:

  • Attendance and voting rights in the MCA’s Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings
  • Nomination for election and co-option to the MCA’s Executive Committee and Subcommittees
  • A complimentary copy of the Melita Classica published during each year for which they are fully paid members
  • Notifications of all MCA events directly in their inbox
  • Advanced notice of events open to a limited number of people
  • Discounted tickets for the MCA’s paid events
  • Delivery of the MCA’s quarterly newsletter directly in their inbox
  • Other perks and discounts relating to one-off initiatives or projects of the MCA

Membership is currently only open for individuals age 16 and over. International members are very welcome. Although you might not be able to avail yourself of many of the perks and offers available to our local members, your suggestions and contributions can still help us better our services and Association.

Joining is easy – simply fill in the Application Form and send it, together with your cheque, to the Treasurer at the address below. Alternatively bring your completed form with you to any of the MCA’s events and hand it over to the Treasurer or one of the committee members in attendance. Donations can be sent to the same address, or made during any of the MCA’s events.
If you are already a member and wish to renew your membership, fill in the Renewal Form and send it together with your cheque to the Treasurer at the address below or bring your completed form with you to one of the MCA’s events.


The Treasurer

The Malta Classics Association
16 St. Anthony Street
Zebbug ZBG 2234


Donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated. Kindly send any donations to the same address.