Hello, artists of Malta and beyond! You’re still in time to register your interest to join our Classics themed art exhibition in September 2024. Please find more information about the process of application and the exhibition itself below:

1. Who is the Malta Classics Association? The Malta Classics Association is a registered NGO dedicated to the promotion and study of the Classical world. More information about is can be found on our website: www.classicsmalta.org

2. What is the theme of the exhibition? We are leaving the theme of the exhibition intentionally rather vague and open. The important thing is that the submitted artwork is inspired by the Graeco-Roman world, and hence the connection with Classics.

3. When and where will the exhibition take place? We are aiming to organise the exhibition in September 2024 at the Palazzo Hamsa Mill Art Gallery in Balzan.

4. What is the process for submission? Interested artists are asked to register their interest via email with us as soon as possible and certainly by the end of August 2023. Artists are asked to accompany their expression of interest with a description of their planned artwork, including the medium in which the artwork is to be expressed. The finished piece needs to be submitted by the end of May 2024, at which point an independent panel will determine which artwork pieces are to be exhibited.

5. Can I withdraw from the exhibition once I have submitted my interest? The closing date of the Submission of Interest is the end of August 2023. After August 2023, the MCA will contact all artists who have submitted an interest in participation to ask if they are still interested in participating. Those who have changed their minds can withdraw then. Those who are still interested will be asked to sign an agreement that states that they will submit work to be exhibited. In return, the MCA will provide all interested artists with an agreement that guarantees the intent of hosting the exhibition. The MCA is ensuring to organize the exhibition, promote the exhibition and exhibiting artists, book the venue, make arrangements for artists as needed, provide refreshments for guests and artists on the day of opening, and maintain the exhibition throughout its duration. All this is being done at the expense of the MCA. Please understand that withdrawing from the exhibition in an untimely manner incurs wasted costs for the MCA. For this reason, once the aforementioned agreement between the MCA and the artists is finalized, withdrawal from the exhibition is restricted and will only be allowed in extraordinary circumstances.

6. What can be submitted by artists for exhibition? Any submitted piece of art inspired by the Classical world will be taken into consideration. There are no size specifications but artists are asked to be conscious of possible space limitations. If you are concerned that the size of your artwork may prove to be an obstacle, you are kindly asked to get in touch with us to discuss this further. Each artist needs to be responsible for the development of their own artworks, such as framing and in the case of any digital art, the printing and framing. Artists working outside Malta for whom this might prove to be an obstacle are encouraged to get in touch with the organisers to discuss this further.

7. Is it mandatory to have physical artwork? No, you may produce digital art such as a very short animation, moving graphics, 3D renders, etc. Monitors will be made available at the venue to display such works. If you are interested in submitting artwork of this kind, kindly contact us before finishing the work so that we may know how many monitors will be required, and if there is enough space left for monitor displays at the venue.

8. Can I submit AI-generated works? Artworks fully generated by Artificial Intelligence of any kind are strictly prohibited. For this reason, if an artwork is suspected to be AI-generated, the MCA has the right to ask for proof of development, such as sketches, earlier versions of the artwork, Photoshop/Illustrator layers or the like, frames of videos, gifs and animations, 3D layers and meshes, etc.

9. How many pieces of art can each artist exhibit? For the time being, we would like artists to restrict themselves to submitting one piece of art. Should this change in the coming months, any changes will be communicated to all interested artists.

10. Can artists sell their work during the exhibition? The MCA and Hamsa Mill Art Gallery will not be stepping in to sell artwork on behalf of the artists to interested buyers. However, we are more than happy to put prospective buyers in touch with artists so that you may negotiate any such arrangements directly. Please be aware that sold artworks cannot be given to the buyer until the very end of the exhibition.

11. What rights will artists retain after the exhibition? Artists will retain full rights over their artwork. Photos may be taken during the
event and during the duration of the exhibition

12. Will an exhibition catalogue be published? There are currently no plans to print an exhibition catalogue. Should this change in the future, this will be communicated to the artists and will feature only those artists who are happy to participate and have their work included.