Students opting for the B.A. course at the University of Malta can enrol for the Classics course alongside one of a number of other subjects offered by the Faculty of Arts. At the end of their first year, students can then opt to either focus on one of their subjects by elevating to Honours or read for both equally in a Generals course. Students opting for the second option would need to complete a further year of study before applying for a Masters in Classics from the same university. Students who do not choose Classics in their first year can still enrol in a number of Classics credits as optionals.

Classics at the University is taught by lecturers from the Department of Classics and Archaeology within the Faculty of Arts. For more information on the Department and its regular events, consult their Facebook page .

For testimonials by present and former Classics students, check out the MCA’s newsletter. For more information on the course and what it entails, consult the University of Malta’s website or email the MCA at [email protected] .