The MCA’s Conference of Contemporary Research in Classics series is dedicated to showcasing ongoing or recently completed research in any field of Classics study, with a particular emphasis on the work of postgraduate students and early career scholars from around the world. The November 2023 Conference took place online between Thursday 16th and Saturday 18th November following the below programme.

Click the hyperlink below to access the recording of each presentation. We hope to include many of the papers in the 2025 edition of our Melita Classica.

Thursday 16th

16:30 – Registration

17:00 – Keynote Speech: The State of Hellenistic States: New Approaches and Directions

Eduardo Garcia-Molina, University of Chicago

Recording of the Keynote Speech

18:00 – Greek Gladiators: Adoption and Adaptation of Roman Spectacle in the East

Alexandra Sills, University of Leicester

18:45 – These People are on Fire: Emotions and Power in Plutarch’s Late-Republican Lives

Morena Deriu, University of Cagliari

Friday 17th November 2023

17:00 – The Cult of the Muses in Thespiai

Víctor García Martínez, University of Wales Trinity St David

17:45 – Antiquity in Soviet Animation

Nana Mukeria, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Saturday 18th November 2023

09:00 – A Comparative Study of the “New Music” Traditions in Ancient Greece and Early China

Patrick Huang, University of Western Ontario

09:45 – The Etruscan Woman and ‘Romanisation’: an Onomastic Case Study

Alex Daveloose, Ghent University

10:30 – Motifs and Symbols of Antiquity and the Function of Chorus in T.S. Eliot’s Play The Cocktail Party

Nia Kakhidze, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

11:15 – The Conceptualization of “Barbarism” in Strabo’s Geography: the “Barbarian” of Greek and Latin Origins

Tom Zhuohun Wang, Yale University

13:00 – Homer among the others: investigating Homeric reception in Rutilius Namatianus’ De Reditu Suo’.

Alessandro Bonvini, University of Pavia

13:45 – The Unspeakable Tail: Sexuality, Gender and Social Hierarchies in Herodas’ Mimiambs

Claire-Emmanuelle Nardone, University of Torino

14:30 – Identity Struggles and Discourse Strategies in Late Republican Italy

Lorenzo Serino, University of Molise

15:15 – The Adoption of Medea by International Cinema

Andreas Prasinos, Independent Scholar