In the budget for 2016, the Government of Malta launched an initiative to encourage greater cooperation between the private sector and Malta’s voluntary sector, by which donations made to organisations registered and vetted by the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations can be claimed at 150% of the donation made against taxes owed for the year during which the donation is made. Consequently, a donation of €100 can result in a deduction of €150. Eligible companies may benefit of a tax-rebate of up to 50,000 each year.

Any company that is registered as a Limited Liability Company or as a Partnership that is registered to be treated as a company may benefit from the scheme on donations given to the MCA provided that the donor and the MCA are not related and that the donor is not defaulting on VAT, Income Tax or Social Security.

On its end, the MCA guarantees a timely recognition of any donations made in line with all the requirements of the laws and regulations governing the scheme. However, the donator will be responsible for the submission all the information provided by the MCA or those requested from the donator directly by the scheme alongside their or their company’s annual tax returns.

More details on eligibility, and other terms and conditions can be found on Arts Council Malta’s own dedicated page here.

If you would like further information, or if you would like to discuss how your donation can help the MCA achieve its aims, please contact us on [email protected] .

If you would like to submit a donation, please fill in this form.