As a member of the pan-European association of Classics teachers, the MCA was invited to host Euroclassica’s annual conference for 2015. The Conference included both speeches and presentation on the teaching of Classics in Malta and a number of visits to several sites of interest all-over Malta, as well as Euroclassica’s annual generalmeeting. The MCA is eternally grateful to Prof. Horatio C.R. Vella for his role in organising the conference.

Classical Archaeology in Malta: a Historical Overview

Anthony Bonanno

Teaching Classics through Theatre: Experiences of the Malta Classics Association

Carmel Serracino

Sound, word and meaning: from Latin and Greek towards an Appreciation of the Importance of the Sanskrit Language

Maria Zammit

Latin for Historians in the Maltese Context

Victor Bonnici

The Teaching of Classics in the Traditional and Non-Traditional Environment

Maria Giuliana Fenech

Teaching Classics to Post-Secondary Students: a Great Challenge, a Great Opportunity

George Vella

Weaving Classic Myths and Stories into Primary and Middle School Curricula: Reflections

Bernie Mizzi