The MCA’s Conference of Contemporary Classics Research series is dedicated to showcasing ongoing or recently completed research in any field of Classics study, with a particular emphasis on the work of postgraduate students and early career scholars from around the world. The March 2022 Conference was held online between Thursday 24th and Saturday 26th March according to the below programme.

A number of speakers very generously allowed the recording of their presentations to be shared with you through the below hyperlinks.

Thursday 24th

4:30pm – Registration

17:00 – Queer Fragments: Evocations of Graeco-Roman Antiquity during the AIDS Crisis

Dr Emilio Capettini, University of California SB

18:30 – Panel 1: Intimacy and Violence

Rape and Respectability in the Athenian oikos.

Kirsty Harrod

Family Violence and Greek Mythology – The Timelessness of Zeus’ Parricide

Joana Pinto Salvador Costa

The Use of Prejudices and Stereotypes in the Narrative of Against Neaira [Demosthenes 59]

Roberta Dainotto

Friday 25th

17:00 – Panel 2: Rome and the East

The Publicans and the Governors of Asia: a Power Struggle on Financial Exploitation (123 – 41 BC)

Tom Zhuohun Wang

Updates on Manumission in Roman Egypt: the Evidence of Roman Wills

Dr Lucia Consuelo Colella

The Euphrates River as Engagement Facilitator of Hellenistic-Roman Cities

Luis Maia de Freitas

18:30 – Panel 3: The Classics and Late Antiquity

An Ideal Teacher in Damscius’ Philosophical History

Prof. Eugene Afonasin

Reading and Teaching Euripides in the Paleologan Age: the Case of Planudes’ Scholia

Valeria Annunziata

Multiplicity and Christian Theology in Gregory of Nazianus II.1.13 and Nonnus’ Paraphrase 6

Domenico Pratico

Saturday 26th

9:00 – Panel 4: Digital Classics

The Metamorphoses of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses: the History of the Only Surviving Latin Novel and its Digital Future

Jonathan Kim

Let’s Get Loeb’d: Extending the Functionality of our Favourite Online Classical Library

Tom Chambers

10:30 – Panel 5: The Trials of Empire

Change and Evolution in the Roman Army through Roman and Greek Eyes

Gabriele Brusa

The Intricacies of Reconciliation in the 1st C. BC: the case of Cicero and Appius Claudius

Dr Gabriel Evangelou

11:45 – Panel 6: Women as Heroes and Saviours

Mythical Plagues and Pandemics in Ancient Athens

Dr Ioannis Mitsios

Ariadne, a Feminist? Applying Modern Feminism to Redefine how Ariadne is a Feminist Figure in Theseus’ Story

Jessica Alexander

13:00 Lunch Break

14:00 – Panel 7: Discovery through Text Analysis

Plautus’ Comedies and Archaic Roman Law

Dr Camilla Tosi

The Language of the Farm in Latin Instructions: Using Semiotics for Approaching Ancient Silent People

Dr Nelson Ferreira

Elements Supporting the Thesis of Dual Authorship of Aristanetus’ Erotic Letters

Prof. Sabira Hajdarević

15:30 – Panel 8: Thoughts of a Generation

Exile Literature and Cultural Imagology: the Otherness through the Experience of Ovid exsul

Dr. Dalila D’Alfonso

Revisiting an Old Friend: Conversational Philosophy in Horace’s Odes and Epistles

Alice Robinson

Hic Ego Dux Milesque Bonus – how to become a Soldier of Love

Clemens Wurzinger

17:00 – Panel 9: Approaching the Divine

Bleeding Like a Stuck Pig? Miniature Figurines and Metamateriality at the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore at Corinth

Leah Wild

A Gender Matter: Virtus and Pudicitia as Divinised Virtues

Laura Bevilacqua

We are all, actually, Islands: Syncretic Practices in Contemporary Hellenic Polytheism

Aneirin Pendragon