Every summer, the Malta Classics Association organises a crash course following the MATSEC Classical Studies Intermediate syllabus. This syllabus is an overview of Classics as a field of study and includes the introductory study of Classical history, literature, art, architecture, mythology and languages (Latin and Ancient Greek).

A more detailed copy of the syllabus can be acquired from the MATSEC website.

The MCA’s Crash Course is geared primarily towards students who need to resit their exam or who would like to sit for their exam between the first and second years of their postgraduate studies, but it is also appropriate for students who are not studying Classics at school but would like to sit for the exam, or who would like to gain a broader understanding of Classics as a field of study without necessarily sitting for the exam.

A revision course for those looking to resit the exam in September is being organised in hybrid format, the course will be held in hybrid format, with in-person sessions on Tuesday morning and online sessions on Thursday evening and Saturday morning. Due to time constraints, some topics will be covered via recordings, but MCA tutors will be available to answer questions in person and via email. The full list of sessions is listed on this downloadable timetable.

While sessions will concern all aspects of the syllabus, students will be expected to make use of the material and reading lists given to them by their lecturers to gain a broader knowledge of the subject. A certain measure of additional practice and independent study are indispensable for those students who intend to sit for the exam and who desire to do well.

The course fee for this year’s Classical Studies Crash Course is €250 payable by the start of the course. This covers 27hrs of lectures, notes for each topic, correction of returned practice-work, a mock exam, and 6hrs of revision. Registration is open and can be completed by filling in the registration form below.

This is needed so that we may send you your certificate of participation by post at the end of the course.
Parental consent may be requested for particularly young students.
The fee for this course is €250. Information on how to proceed with each payment method will be emailed to you on the email address provided above.