This year’s Classical Studies Modular Series is intended with two main audiences in mind. The entire modular series will be covering the whole Classical Studies Intermediate syllabus and students will be given practice questions derived from publicly available past papers. At the same time, the modular nature of the course allows those with an interest in the Classical world or in particular aspects of the series are allowed to attend whichever sessions they are most interested in without having to pay for the bulk of the full course.

There are therefore no set fees: students will need to pay only for the sessions they attend. All 18 sessions are 2hrs long, starting at 6pm, and will be held online. Please consult the table below for the specific dates and times. The fee for each session is 20 euro (ie. 10euro/hr). Payments are to be made at the end of each month via bank transfer, Revolut, or BOV Mobile. To register yourself to receive an email with the link for each lesson kindly email the MCA on [email protected] with a filled in copy of the registration form below.

Classical Modular Course 2024 – Registration

25 June Section 1: The Olympians and the First Men
26 June Section 2: Heroes and Monsters
2 July Session 3: The Trojan War
3 July Session 4: The Iliad
10 July Session 5: Latin 1
11 July Session 6: Latin 2
16 July Session 7: The Persian Wars
17 July Session 8: Tragedy and Oedipus Rex
23 July Session 9: Alexander the Great
24 July Session 10: Greek Pottery
30 July Session 11: Greek 1
31 July Session 12: Greek 2
6 August Session 13: Greek and Roman Sculpture
7 August Session 14: The Punic Wars
13 August Session 15: Augustus
14 August Session 16: Roman Architecture
20 August Session 17: Catullus
21 August Session 18: Mythology in Popular Culture