The MCA’s Classical Studies Intermediate course is designed to prepare students to sit for the MATSEC Classical Studies Intermediate exam, which is this year being held on Monday 4th September. The CS Intermediate syllabus covers the basics of the Latin and Classical Greek languages, elements of classical literature, studies in Greek and Roman history, a brief overview of Classical Myth, and studies in Greek and Roman art forms, specifically pottery, sculpture and architecture.

Besides preparing students for the exam, this course is also ideal for those students and members of the general public who wish to get a better understanding of the Classical World, and the course is open to complete beginners with no prior knowledge of classical culture and language.All 20 sessions (each 2hrs long) will be held online. Please consult the table below for the specific dates and times.

The course fee is €250, payable via ban transfer, Revolut, PayPal or BOV Mobile. To register for the course or to ask for more information, kindly email the MCA on [email protected].

Classical Studies Intermediate - 2023

10 June – 9:00am Session 1 – Welcome to Classics / The Olympians and the First Men
10 June – 11:30am Session 2: Heroes and Monsters
17 June – 9:00 am Session 3: The Trojan War
17 June – 11:30am Session 4: The Iliad
24 June – 9:00am Session 5: Latin 1
24 June – 11:30am Session 6: Latin 2
1 July – 9:00am Session 7: Tragedy and Oedipus Rex
1 July – 11:30am Session 8: Greek Pottery
8 July – 9:00am Session 9: The Persian Wars
8 July – 11:30am Session 10: Alexander the Great
15 July – 9:00am Session 11: Greek 1
15 July – 11:30am Session 12: Greek 2
22 July – 9:00am Session 13: The Punic Wars
22 July – 11:30am Session 14: Augustus
29 July – 9:00am Session 15: Greek and Roman Sculpture
29 July – 11:30am Session 16: Roman Architecture
5 August – 9:00am Session 17: Catullus
5 August – 11:30am Session 18: Mythology in Popular Culture
12 August – 9:00am Session 19: Answering Comprehension and Language Questions
12 August – 11:30am Session 20: Answering Essay Questions